Centralized Database

Managing member profiles will be easy and fun. Find, contact, and organize your members with Erista.


You can use Notes to record prayer requests, Bible Study progress, and other important information.

Automated Birthday Wishes

Automatically send personalized birthday wishes to members, strengthen the relationship and show that you care about them!

Family Relations

Simply record and manage family relation data; including contact your Sunday School kids' parents and record their baptism information as well!

Group Management

Seamless management system for Group Leader to manage Small Groups or Ministry Groups of your Church.

Attendance Record

Record and monitor your group members' attendance on church events. Know exactly when the last time they attended church events.

Activity Scheduling

Group Leaders can schedule activities through Erista. All members can respond without even needing an Erista account.

Discipleship Tasks Delegation

Give your Group Leader Erista access to manage all administrative and discipleship processes.

Scheduling System

No more time-consuming! Effortlessly manage entire group schedule and reminder. Get more things done when connecting is easy.

Convenient Interface

We create a clean and modern user interface with emphasis on assuring the best user experience. Group Leaders just need to make a schedule and wait for a response. No more contacting volunteers one by one!

Automatic Reminder

No more time-consuming to remind volunteers of their schedule!

Backup Volunteers

Many things are unpredictable. Prepare your Plan B using Erista! Assign backup volunteers so that when something happens to the main volunteers, someone else will be automatically notified.

Personalized Messages

We provide fast and reliable digital communication services. Get in touch with multiple persons, specific groups, or even all members at one time via Email



SMS (coming soon)

Got some specific questions? We'd love to hear from you.

WhatsApp Us


Erista is a project that will be maintained over the long term, that is why we have laid out the following new features and additions. If you have any suggestions or features you would like us to make, please contact us.


People Management

  • People Database
  • Family Relation
  • Small Group Management
  • Ministry Group Management
  • Notes
  • Scheduling
Phase 2


  • Email Integration
  • Automatic Birthday Message
  • Whatsapp Integration

Quality Improvements

  • Add Member by upload excel
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Mobile App for Church Admins
Phase 3

Congregation Use

  • Congregation ID
  • Registration Form
  • Prayer Request & Praise Report
  • Church Bulletin
  • Mobile App for Congregation

Church Event

  • Event Creation
  • Event Registration
  • Event Check-in
  • Event Reminder
  • Event Calendar

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